Logical reasoning is a systematic way of arriving at a conclusion. It’s the ability that helps you get someone’s point, generate reasons for

your point, evaluate the reasons given by others, decide what or what not to do, decide what information to accept or reject, explain a complicated idea, apply conscious quality control as you think.

Logical reasoning is a skill that can be learned and improved. It’s a high-quality reasoning that’s is not a case of “I’m good at it or I’m not”. Someone who cannot reason logically before can learn how to and improve in it. This post highlights how to be one good logical Reasoner.

Types of Logical reasoning

There are three main types of logical reasoning: Inductive, Deductive and Abductive reasoning.

1. Inductive reasoning : This form of reason starts at the observation stage, leading up to the conclusion you draw. it’s the ability to observe, analyze a certain situation for possible outcome.

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In other words, you’re making an educated or informed guess based on the information or data that you have. It might sound right, but that doesn’t mean it is right.

2. Deductive Reasoning: is the process of drawing a conclusion based on your preconceived notions, despite the environment.

If one thing is assumed to be true and there is another thing that ties into the original assumption, then it must be true due to the second piece of information supporting the original assumption.

Supposing you have two statements ; “all dolphins are mammals” and “All mammals have kidney”. Using deductive reasoning, you can conclude that “All dolphins have kidney”

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3. Abductive Reasoning : Abductive reasoning uses all available information, even if it’s incomplete, to find out the most likely outcome about a specific event.

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For example, if you find a half-eaten sandwich in your home, you might use probability to reason that your teenage son made the sandwich, realized he was late for work, and abandoned it before he could finish it.

How to build your Logical reasoning skill.

  • Spend time on creative hobbies: Creative thinking naturally develops problem-solving abilities that can help you become a better performer when it comes to critical thinking related problems.
  • Socialize with others: Building relationships with others can broaden your perspective, giving you more opportunities to develop your logical thinking skills.
  • Learn a new skill: Learning a new skill can also help you sharpen your logic skills. When you take the opportunity to learn as often as possible, you can apply the same level of thinking when you are have to make a decision.
  • Anticipate the outcome of your decision: When you come up with a solution to a problem, try to think about what the outcome may be. Eventually, you will find it easier to think of the immediate and long-term results of your decisions, which is an important aspect of logical thinking.

Consistently practising this can put you ahead of your peers when it comes to thinking. Unless yours is a special case, this methods will help improve your thinking.

If you think you have a special case, let us know in the comment section.

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