Mine craft is a video game which can be played on smartphones and PCs,


You can decide to play the Minecraft game alone and at the same time, you can decide to connect and play with other users over the internet.


In Minecraft, two main modes exist; the survival mode and the creative mode.


How to play Minecraft.

Open The application

Select either single player or multi player

Create new world and name it

Click on the game mode survival, hardcore or creative.


Dealing with creative…

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Here’s how we go about it.

Generate structure should be on

Allow cheats should be on too except you’re not on the creative mode

World type is best left at default

After setting up, create new world.

Click on F3 to bring some menu

Double tapping space bar makes you fly.

In creative mode, the blocks get destroyed at just one hit.

Clicking on “A” brings out your menu.


You can then pick some blocks to use in building, knowing that the creative mode is basically for creating and building.


You get to bring your imagination into reality on the computer through Minecraft.

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As stated earlier space bar is for going up.

Then you can click on shift to come down.

Right click to place your blocks.


And with your creativity build something beautiful…


But if in survival mode, clicking on “A” doesn’t bring the regular menu, it rather brings a robot and you have to source for building materials yourself.

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Survival mode is quite different because the goal is to not die, the goal is to stay alive.

In this mode, you come across mobs and other things that would want to take your life but it’s your duty to kill them for you to live.


When you’re done building, you exit, save and quit.

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