How to recollect whatever you read

In this article, I wilk explain the problem students are facing with their choice of study tips.
Problem that most students face nowadays is inability to retrieve learnt materials for present use, this is termed as FORGETFULNESS, we all forget things at one point or the other, but how would it be if we can study and still remember everything we read?
If you can carefully read this 9-powerful steps and also apply it,
All credits to RON WHITE, these are the 9 study tips that boost your memory greatly, please read carefully and apply it while studying,


Whenever you want to read, never do marathon reading (reading for a long time without taking breaks) because it gets your brain bored and thereby making it hard for you to assimilate whatever you read.
Study for 25 – 50 minutes, then take 10 – 15 minutes break then study for 25 – 50 minutes again and take break, continue like that. But please never read for long time without taking breaks.


Get 6 – 8 hours of sleep the night after you learn something according to Dr James B. Maas (Author of sleep for success)

If you get a good night sleep (6 – 8 hours) the night after you learn something, you will remember it better than if you had a poor night sleep, because in this hours, your brain replay what you learnt, that’s why you remember better when you wake.

If you do find yourself sleep deprived, take a nap of 15 – 30 minutes sleep before you study and it shouldn’t be more than that.


Chew a particular gum as you study, and when you take a test chew a gum with the exact flavour (I.e the particular gum you chewed while studying).
It has been scientifically established that it triggers your brain to remember what you were studying the last time you chewed the gum, it may be weird but try it and you will definitely be surprised.

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Clear your mind of all distractions, focus on the task at hand, if need be, meditate so that you will be able to clear your mind of all distractions.


Take notes in class, write your notes yourself, don’t copy from others, because research as shown that you engage your brain when you take note in class and write with your own hands.


Keyword technique: assuming you’re studying about Newton’s laws of motion, focus on the keyword in the text, maybe “Newton’s laws”, say this to yourself time without number. It will stop you from being distracted or disturbed.


Learn the most important things first, though it is good to study wide, but try to learn what you will be needing in a test first before reading other things. Focus on your curriculum and study other things later after you’ve studied some reasonable amount of your curriculum.

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Trick your brain into thinking that what you’re reading is a plot to a movie script or a TV show because doing so kills boredom and make what you’re reading more interesting to your brain. By doing this, your brain would be excited to continue reading it.

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Minds power.
Stand at the doorway of every room in your home or in your lecture room, memorize 1 – 5 pieces of furniture or physical things, that will be easy right?
Let’s assume you memorized white board, chairs, bulb, ceiling fan, air conditioner, the next thing is to take what you’re reading and visualize it around them. How?
Assuming you were in chemistry class and you were being taught noble gases, the first noble gas is HELIUM, then you visualize helium as lots of balloon that suddenly enter the class and fly the white board to the sky!, funny right? Smiles….just try it.
The next noble gas is NEON, visualize that there were neon light around the chairs in the room, continue like that and visualize all the noble gases on the physical things you’ve memorized.
In your chemistry test, if you were asked to list the noble gases:

  • Seeing the white board and remembering how it was flied away by balloon will force you to remember HELIUM.
  • Seeing the chairs and remembering how they were all glowing will force you to remember NEON etc.

This is the mind power, very effective study tips in remembering whatever you read.
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We have come to the end of the topic, apply them carefully and comment through the comments section if you’re having any problem with it, we will take our time to answer you.

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