Be different

Funke Akindele, popularly known as Jenifa is doing and exploring throughout the whole federation and abroad. When you hear Jenifa, what comes to your mind? That lady with marital issues then?, the lady that looks old in native attires?, the lady that speaks bad English jokingly?
The truth is, she speaks this English and everyone speak along with her. The English some folks would speak and would be made jest of is what Jenifa speaks and receives standing ovations for. Is she different? Is she not a human being like us? Of course she is! She only decided to create a trend and not to always follow other people’s path.
A lot of actress are speaking English impeccably, but our own amiable Jenifa chose something different. If she was to speak good and correct in Jenifa’s diary, do you know the episodic movie would not have gone viral like it has?
When you find yourself in the midst of people in the same field, it is expected of you to do something different. Be unique, be different, be exceptional. When you finish baking those cakes, carving hats, making shoes of yours, design it beautifully. Just do something attractive and different.

  • When you sing, sing uniquely.
  • When you draw, draw amazingly.
  • When you talk, talk eloquently.
  • When you dance, dance impeccably.
  • When you rap, rap perfectly.
  • When you write, write creatively.

If someone that speaks bad English could make it like that. What is your excuse? You sincerely do not have any excuse not to scale those high hurdles. What you need at times is “packaging”. All those things other are trying and it doesn’t seems to work, my dear, put ginger in it, put salt, put locust beans, put pepper, put tin tomato, etc. Project it very well. If someone like Usain Bolt could run very well, what is wrong with someone like Arinze? If someone like Jenifa could become an all-rounder, what is wrong with you? If bad English could take the air, where did you put your bombastic bantas?
Frederick Winslow Taylor, the father of scientific management said and I quote

The length of success is determined by depth of your action

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