Spider and Scorpion


The fact that doesn’t need much deliberation is the comparation of spider and scorpion, over the years… People always believe that scorpions are deadlier than spiders.

Yes, this is true at some point, but we need to dig deeper and get some things right.

The deadliest scorpion in the world is Fat-tailed Scorpions.

The above scorpion is so deadly that if someone didn’t take the antidote within 15 hours, the person might die, it has been the cause of death of many people. Truly scorpions are deadly.


But what do we know about spider too? Are they deadly? 

The deadliest spider in the word is called Funnel-Web Spiders

These spiders are named for their funnel shaped webs which open wide at the mouth of the tube, the spider sits in the narrow funnel waiting for its prey to touch the web, it rushes out and catch the prey after contacting the web.

They are relatively large spiders, one male affectionately named Big Boy by the Australian Reptile Park reached 10cm stretched out, and have large, rearward-facing fangs capable of piercing through fingernails.

They are aggressive spiders that are black in colour, the front of their bodies shiny and hairless and their abdomens black or dark plum in colour.

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Dr Robert Raven, curator of Arachnids at Queensland Museum, says:

The atraxotoxin protein contained within funnel web venom is responsible for its severe effects on the nervous system – shorting out the synapses in the nerves and halting the relaxation cycle.

This causes constant firing of the nerves – or fibrillation – resulting in a number of symptoms including rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, breathing difficulty and numbness around the mouth.

People know within minutes that they’re going to die or are in deep deep trouble

Death has occurred with funnel webs in 15 minutes,” Robert says.

Robert says the burly arachnid is not only deadly due to its venoms’ contents, but also the species’ proximity to humans.

According to the above information, someone can die from the bite of this spider within 10minutes.

So, do you still think scorpions are deadlier than spiders?

Exactly, the answer is NO….. Spiders are deadlier.



Lesson: We always think spider is less important and it can’t cause fatal problems, we are too fond of exaggerating scorpions but spider is more deadly if studied closely.


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Appearance is deceiving 

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This is applicable to life too, why do you have to assume that someone is worthless because of the little you know about the person?

The fact that they are poor in Mathematics class doesn’t mean that they can’t be a genius in English class.

Everybody is good and unique in his/her on way.

Always respect people you meet, you don’t judge people to be worthless based on the little you know about them.

Nobody is worthless, and we all have our value, the fact that you’re there today and others are yet to get there doesn’t make you a winner, those you’re assuming to be a looser today or those you’re assuming to be a small fry (unimportant people) today might be so important that your success depends on them in the future.

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Respect everyone, you’re not better than anyone and never underestimate people you never know of their hidden potentials



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