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Category: Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

How To Plait Natural Hair 

A lot of people want to keep their natural hair but due to the excess stress that comes with keeping and maintaining it, they kick against the idea. But in this article, I would be teaching you one of the ways of plaiting your natural hair so as not to go through the stress of combing it all the time. Cornrows (popularly known as all back) are a fun and practical way to wear natural hair. They…

Arts & Crafts

How To Mix Colour chart 

Also known as colour reference card, colour  chart is a flat object with colour samples. Understanding colour We have three types of colour and they include: 1. Three (3) primary colours, and they are Red, Blue and Yellow 2. Three (3) secondary colours and they…

Arts & Crafts

How To Mix Concrete 

Concrete is a mixture of cement, water coats with fine & coarse aggregates or rock. Uses of concrete Concrete is the most used of artificial material on used for construction of buildings, roads and dams, it also used in making pipes & drains. Components…

Arts & Crafts

How To Use Guitar Pick 

How To Use Guitar Pick A guitar pick (American English) is a plectrum used for guitars. Picks are generally made of one uniform material—such as some kind of plastic (nylon, Delrin, celluloid), rubber, felt, tortoiseshell, wood, metal, glass, tagua, or stone. They are often shaped…

Arts & Crafts

How To Mix A Wall Paint 

Paint is any pigmented liquid, liquefiable, or solid mastic composition that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film. It is most commonly used to protect, color, or provide texture to objects. Paint can be used to beautify our…

Arts & Crafts

How To Read Palms 

Palm reading also known as chiromancy started in ancient India although its precise origin is not known. Warning:This article is basically for research purpose and what is stated might not be exactly applicable to you to some extent.However put your Trust in God and be…

Arts & Crafts

How To Make Coconut Ice cream 

Ice cream is a sweetened food made from dairy products like milk or cream. it is commonly eaten as desert or snacks flavour could be sugar, cocoa,vanilla etc. There are different types of ice cream ranging from cannoli ice cream, pumpkin ice cream,strawberry ice cream, Dunkeroos non-churn ice cream and coconut ice cream…

Arts & Crafts

How To Make Puff Puff 

Puff puff is dangerously delicious, and I cannot wait to show you how to make it. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS Warm water Active dry yeast All-purpose flour Sugar Salt Deep frying oil INSTRUCTION Mix sugar, salt, water and yeast . Set aside for 6 minutes. Add flour…

Arts & Crafts

How To Make Ogbono Soup 

  Hey guys!!! Here is how I prepare my delicious Ogbono soup which can be served with hot swallow of your choice. Well, my favourite is pounded yam. Enjoy! Ingredients Blended Ogbono Beef or Chicken stock Meat or Fish Stock Fish Salt Seasoning cubes Red…

Arts & Crafts

How To Make Chin Chin 

I will be showing you simple steps on how to make yummy chin chin. Something so crunchy, perfect for a midnight snack. INGREDIENTS All-purpose flour Peak milk Margarine Granulated sugar Ground nutmeg Eggs Water Vegetable oil DIRECTION: Make sure your all-purpose flour is sifted into…

Arts & Crafts

How To Fry Chicken 

I am fascinated about showing you guys how i fry my chicken INGREDIENTS; Organic chickens Vegetable oil All-purpose flour Salt Ground black pepper Garlic powder Butter milk Paprika DIRECTIONS ; this is going to be super fun Go get your chicken pieces. Season your chicken…

Arts & Crafts

How To Make Cookies 

I will be showing you easy steps on how to make yummy cookies INGREDIENTS All purpose flour Baking soda Butter White sugar Egg Vanilla extract DIRECTIONS Preheat oven Get your flour, baking soda and baking powder. stir in a bowl Get a large bowl and…

Arts & Crafts

How To Make Ice cream 

Ice cream is such a fascinating frozen dessert super great at stimulating happiness, thus reducing the levels of stress in the body. It helps in repairing worn out tissues thereby building up body tissues. The very thought of ice cream brings nothing but joy, fun…

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