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Category: Beauty & Fashion

Beauty & Fashion

How to Apply Lipstick 

Lipstick refers to anything applied to the lips which gives its colour, texture and protection. Application of red lipsticks was popularized by the two actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. So what’s the best lipstick brand? Amongst the best include matte lip pencil, stila stay…

Beauty & Fashion

How To Brush Your Teeth 

The teeth is made up several parts such as enamel, dentine, periodontal ligament etc. which needs to be taken care of. This can be achieved by brushing your teeth on a regular basis, brushing doesn’t imply ‘scrubbing’ however we can use the term ‘massaging’. This…

Beauty & Fashion

How To Grow Natural Hair 

Hair is one of the unique characteristics of mammals, most human however don’t like hairy body except on their head of course. It is made up of protein known as keratin, and some hair conditions include: Alopecia areata male pattern baldness Female pattern baldness Dandruff…

Beauty & Fashion

How To Add Weight 

are you skinny? And probably you don’t like it too. Just know you aren’t alone, been an underweight is as bad for your health as an Obese. You are skinny if you have BMI less than 18.1,this doesn’t necessarily mean you are unhealthy however you…

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