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Category: Personal Care & Advice

Does he love you?
Love & Relationships

Does He Love You? 

  There is a huge difference between “Asking” and “Proposing” I have come to realized that there are so many Single Matured Females out there who are single just because they have this Male best friend. Makes Sense? No!!! Ok let me break it down….

Advice To University Freshmen 

Hi, I’m here again with a mind blowing article aim at changing the mindset of most first year students in tertiary institutions. First, let’s do some analysis, I will start by asking a question WHY DID USAIN BOAT LOST HIS LAST RACE TO CHRISTIAN COLEMAN…

How to control anger
Personal Care & Advice

How To Control Anger 

The type of things ANGER have caused people do these days (especially youths and married couples) is highly unbearable. The rate at which we get ‘exasperated’ these days and destroy things, is really pathetic and regretable. ANGER to my own understanding is when one loses…

How Do People Perceive You 

There is this lady from not so rich but comfortable and noble background. Her name is Mercy, and they have this house girl named Tracy. Mercy treats this house help like she’s not a Human. She (Mercy) calls her (Tracy) all sorts of name, she…

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