Upwork is a freelancing marketplace. A marketplace is where buying and selling occurs. On Upwork, the buying and selling involves the client (buyer) and the freelancer (seller).

What they are selling is digital services and the clients pay REAL MONEY for this.

No matter the skills you have, you can make money with it on Upwork.

If you know your onions well on upwork. There is no limit to the amount of jobs you can get.

I heard of many people being charged up to #5000 before they could get an approved Upwork account.

This is so because upwork is very strict with their rules and they don’t accept people anyhow. If you create an account now, your account will be rejected.

Creating account means you will be needing to contact an expert. An expert will collect #5000 from you and won’t even teach you the basics and guide you to create account yourself.

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  • Earn on upwork without stress.

This is so loaded that if I charge you #4000, it really worth it. But I will only be charging you #499.

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