How To Begin Meditation


Seeing people sitting on the floor and crossing their legs maybe with their eyes shut might look funny at times.

However, there is more to that funny act and as a matter of fact, after reading this article; you will want to try it out yourself.

The funny act you have been witnessing is termed “Meditation”. Meditation is a kind of devotional exercise which involves concentrating one’s mind on a particular subject.

It involves connecting one’s inner self with the present environment and not just about emptying one’s mind although this is a key aspect of meditation.

Meditation has a lot of spiritual and medical benefits with some of these spiritual benefits beyond human knowledge. The sensation of relaxation experienced during meditation is one of a kind.

The salubrious activity reduces stress, gives you an advanced sense of spirituality and well-being, and enhances focus. In short, meditation is a chain linking spirituality and healing.

It is very predominant in Asian countries like China, India. And the Japanese Empire. Laudably, it has recently extended its tentacles to the Western Countries like Germany, Spain, and even to many parts of Africa.

The duration for a good meditation is about 10 minutes though some great monks can perform their meditations for months. That is astonishing right?

Come to think of it, Why would anyone sit and cross his legs for more than 24 hours not to talk of a month? I think it is time you learned how to do meditate.

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Meditation has a very large scope and might be difficult to get used to. You can broadly classify it into Mindful Meditation and Non-mindful Meditation

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Mindful meditation is simply when you are conscious of your meditating activity and it is the most common since it is easy to perform. You can do this while sitting, walking, and even when you are reading.

Non-mindful meditation is more advanced and a bit difficult to begin. It involves the total emptiness of one’s mind and ley your inner emotion take total control of your body.

It is the kind of meditation performed by monks and other experts in meditating.
Now, let see how you can begin your meditations:

  • Environment: The environment you want to meditate is very important. You should meditate in a quiet environment without any form of disturbance.

However, due to the advancement in technology; we now have some special recordings you can listen to during meditation to improve your performance.

  • Sitting position: The way you position yourself plays a vital role when meditating. Ensure you sit in a comfortably, either on the floor (recommended), on the bed, or a cushion.

Sit upright in such a way that you can circulate your inhalation around your body from head to your toes.

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  • Breathe gently: Do not increase the pace of your breath. Inhale and exhale gently in such a way that you can focus your thoughts on it. Ley your inhalation moves around your body before you exhale.
  • Distractions: This is the problematic step which beginners face during meditation. Killing distractions is something that all beginners worry about although it is not a big deal as it appears to be.

Allow the distractions to mingle with your thoughts but do not concentrate on them; systematically let go of them by focusing more on your breath.

  • Time: As stated earlier, a good meditation should last for about 10 minutes. As a beginner, you might start with a 2-minute meditation to see how well you have mastered the steps above then going for a 5-minute and so on till you become very good.

Finally, you can now use the funny sitting and crossing of legs to improve your mental and physical health.

Meditation before going to bed can relieve you of those night stress and gives you a sound sleep. Don’t just watch Indians do it on TV, try it out yourself.

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