There is this lady from not so rich but comfortable and noble background. Her name is Mercy, and they have this house girl named Tracy.

Mercy treats this house help like she’s not a Human. She (Mercy) calls her (Tracy) all sorts of name, she abuses her and do all kind of nonsense to her. The house girl is from a poor background so she got to endure.

Meanwhile, Mercy treats people outside with respect, but she never replicate that to Tracy. So people outside see her as a very nice person while her house girl (TRACY) sees her as a very wicked person.

Meanwhile, Mercy is in a very serious relationship which could lead to marriage. The name of her fiance is Harry.

So when Harry went to visit her (Mercy) parents. Mercy was so kind and nice to Tracy (the house help) which made her really flabbergasted and dumbfounded. So somehow, Harry was served a bottle of wine by Tracy (the house girl) and at this point, Mercy is already upstairs to call her parents downstairs. Harry started a sarcastic discussion with Tracy.



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Harry: How are you dear, what’s your name?
Tracy: Tracy Onyenankeya Amarachi (with her head facing downwards and her hands locked tightly behind her)
Harry: oh wow. That’s nice.
Tracy: (feeling flattered) Tha tha.. thank you sir.
Harry: That’s okay, I like this your gown, is it Mercy that bought it for you?
Tracy: (unexpectedly) Noooo!.. God Forbid!!
Harry: (surprised) why would you say that? Or can’t she buy it for you?
Tracy: (feeling tensed, angry and scared) see oga, I mean Uncle, No sorry, Brother, na my mama buy this cloth for me.
Harry: (still very curious) I know but why did you make such exclamation?
Tracy: (really scared now) Ah! Oga, no put me for trouble, I no talk anything oo!
Harry: (really inquisitive now) alright, just tell me, I no go tell anybody, I promise (crossing his heart)
Tracy: Ah! Oga; em .. I go tell you but remember say you don promise ooo!
Harry: yes I remember, go ahead (really curious)
Tracy: hmm oga, Aunty Mercy no fit buy this cloth for me because, I know say she no like me. Anytime she see me, she go dey vex, she go dey curse me dey curse my mama, if I greet am na fight, I no greet am na wahala. I no know wetin I do am sef.
Harry, (really surprised cos that’s like the opposite of the Mercy he knows), Are you sure of these things?
Tracy: if I lie, make amadioha for my village, kill me.
Harry: (could not even say a word) (feeling totally disappointed).

Immediately after this, Mercy walks in and noticed Tracy standing opposite her boo and both of them were silent, so she started screaming at Tracy on top of her voice, calling her all sort of names and even abusing her with that exasperation, (even after the girl had left). Harry felt so disappointed at this but didn’t show it. He just excused himself outside and that was the last day she (Mercy) saw him.

I seriously find it very sad and absurd the way most people behave to their mates, followers and counterparts.

  • Are you among those that make their followers or friends pray that they die off so that they have peace of mind at least or live a peaceful life for once?
  • Do you make people feel uncomfortable whenever they see you around?
  • Are you nonchalant when people bring their personal issues to you because you feel they are more or less?

The real answers to these questions depend solely on you! I keep telling people, it is how you treat other people that every other person will treat you. If you are good to people, people will definitely be good to you. That’s where the law of KARMA comes into play.
The law of KARMA states that;

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Every action performed in life creates another reaction which in turn produces a new counter action.

This is self explanatory. You get what you give! Even the holy book the BIBLE says;

Ye reap what ye sow.

If you sow wickedness, you will definitely reap wickedness. However, if you sow kindness and love, you will by every means reap kindness and love. Trust me, you don’t gain anything by being bad to people. It will only bring you bad name.

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Please friends, don’t you ever try to hurt anyone no matter who that person is.
We are all Humans for goodness sake! Don’t treat that driver of yours badly because you believe he is just an ordinary driver. You actually forgot that he has your life in his hands. To you Madam, don’t you know that, that your house help you refer to as common actually holds the key to your door to success?

How do people perceive you? If you are being perceived like MERCY?, then you seriously need to check yourself and really work on yourself.
If you are seen as a bad person, then you have a lot to lose. I pray your case will not be like that of MERCY. Don’t forget this
There are three (3) keys to more abundant living;

  • Caring about others
  • Daring for others and
  • Sharing with others

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