Using Alongside in a sentence requires that you know what it means in other to make effective use of it. In this post, I will be taking you through it’s meaning and how to use it effectively.

Definition of alongside according to Merriam Webster dictionary :

along·​side | \ ə-ˈlȯŋ-ˈsīd  \

This can mean:

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1: along the side : in parallel position

2: at the side : close by

Alongside can either be used as an Adverb or Preposition

Example of it being used as an Adverb:

I’ve been waiting for the boat to come alongside

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Example of it being used as a preposition:

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Tunji and Bolu worked Alongside each other in the last project.

Below are Some other examples from the Cambridge Dictionary :

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  • As we drew alongside the black car, I suddenly recognized my ex-boyfriend at the wheel.
  • The drover walked alongside the oxen, gently tapping them with his stick.
  • New pedestrian pathways are being built alongside the road.
  • They found themselves working alongside like-minded young people with similar values
  • Just as I was leaving the restaurant, a car pulled up alongside me.


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