Pregnancy to some ladies is a source of joy, the pleasant thought of them bringing another life into existence gives them this elated feeling.


On the other hand, it might not be a source of joy to some other ladies because it was unplanned for or some other specific reasons.


Apparently, in cases like these some are left with no other choice than to abort such pregnancies.


Undoubtedly, it’s preferable to perform the abortion at home instead of having to going through the stress of meeting medical practitioners.


This article provides you different methods through which you can abort a baby at home.


First method.

Consuming Vitamin C


Sounds surprising right?


In as much as vitamin c is of great advantage to the body generally, it poses great disadvantages to pregnant women.

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Sources of Vitamin C that can cause harm to the unborn baby are;


  • Pawpaw
  • Pineapple
  • Wolf berry
  • Parsely.


Consuming any of this is highly detrimental to the health of the unborn baby, thereby an efficient method of performing aborting pregnancy at home.


Second method

Use of medications (abortion pills) 


When it comes to use of medications in aborting pregnancy in the home, two drugs which are mifeprex and misoprostol is best used.


Mifeprex should be taken first, then misoprostol should be taken twenty-four hours later.

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Note that : thirty minutes before misoprostol is used, pain relief such as ibuprofen should be taken.


Third method

Exercising and massage. 


Another method of aborting pregnancy in the home is by exercising and massage.


Strenuous exercises such as push ups, sit ups, running, crunches can be done until the baby is aborted.

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As concerning massaging, pressure can be applied to the area of the pelvis consistently in order to abort the baby.


These are three effective methods to Abort pregnancy at home.


It’s not medically advisable abort pregnancy in the home, so if anything unusual is noticed such as bleeding, persistent temperature etc seek medical attention immediately.

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