The Canada Visa is a mark on your passport that signifies authorization of clearance for your entry into Canada country.

However, it’s not the total eligibility for your entry into Canada state, as this lies in the hands of the Canadian border and custom officers, also how well you answer the Canadian Border Services (BSO) questions.

The types of Canada Visa varies, so before applying for a Canada Visa you must have known the exact type of visa you’re going for.

The types of Canada Visa are;

  1. Visitor visas.
  2. Student visas.
  3. Work visas.
  4. Permanent Residence visas.
  5. Business Immigrant visas.
  6. Express Entry Program visas.

You select from the following according to your intentions for traveling to Canada.

A Canada Visa can either be a temporary visa, permanent visa or an Express Entry Visa.

Below are the steps to applying for a Canada Visa.

  • Be Eligible For The Visa.

You get to know if you’re eligible for the visa by finding out through their website.
* Visit
* Click on the immigration tab
* Proceed to click on the one that resonates with your purpose of traveling.
* You then click on “find out if you can apply”

This will lead you to answer some set of questions, after answering you’ll know if you’re eligible or not

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If you’re eligible get your reference code

This reference code is really important as it would be needed to start your application and also during the process

  • Create an account.

While checking your eligibility, some detailed instructions has been sent to you by email.

This details include if you would apply for the visa online or in person.

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Most times, it’s usually online.

If it’s online then an account is created to pay your visa fees

Pile the document required up.

After logging in to your account, go ahead to apply for your visa.
To start your application, the reference code is requested of you, after putting it in you’ll be shown some list of documents required of you

  • Make payment

After you’ve submitted all documents and you’ve been verified, you’ll take be directed to a page where you’ll make payments.

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After all this, you get to wait for the processing of your Canadian visa.

If it’s successful you go ahead to give your passport, processing fees and other necessary things

In conclusion, if your Canada Visa is rejected, you can always re-apply but there must have been some changes to your profile.

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