Lipstick refers to anything applied to the lips which gives its colour, texture and protection.

Application of red lipsticks was popularized by the two actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

So what’s the best lipstick brand? Amongst the best include matte lip pencil, stila stay all day liquid lipstick, NYX soft matte lip cream etc.

The most popular lipstick is the red coloured.

You can use lipstick but not know HOW to apply, worry not That’s why we are here.

What you will need:

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  • Lip balm
  • Lip liner
  • Concealer
  • Compact powder
  • Lipstick

So try the following tips

1. Apply a moisturizer first to prevent your lip from drying and chapped.

2. Apply a concealer to prevent excess colouration, apply some compact to seal the base.

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3.make use of lip liner to prevent the lipstick from getting messy.

Close up shot of a woman having lip liner applied to her lipshttp://

4. Apply the lipstick Choose the best brand of lipstick and make sure it is applied evenly

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How to get pink lips


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  • Don’t use matte lipstick If you have dry lips
  • try to smile when applying lipstick
  • Don’t use glossy lipstick if your lips are large
  • To achieve a small lips, try to use lipstick close to your skin tone.


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