Do you even know what it means to appreciate Someone’s Work?

Every one needs a fellow to complement them, we need at least one person to tell us ‘Great job! ‘.

Hence you need to Appreciate other’s work.

When you appreciate others, you boost their morale and create stronger bonds.

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So who should you appreciate and is there an exemption to that?

  • Appreciate your workers and those who serve you
  • Appreciate your colleague and Employee.

To be frank, No one is happy if despite working tirelessly there’s no sign of gratitude or appreciation

So how do you appreciate someone’s work?
1.say you are grateful and satisfied with what they did
2. See the Uniqueness in them
3. Show interest in their career, hobbies and skills
4. Remember their special days such as graduation,Wedding,Naming ceremony, birthday etc.
5. Reward them with an increased pay,promotion, and gifts

Here are few common words of appreciation you should use from time to time:
1. Thanks

2. Thank you

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3. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you
4. You did an excellent job on that report
5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me
6. We appreciate your innovative thinking

Hope you learnt something today?



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