How To Ask a Girl Out on WhatsApp

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How do you ask a girl out successfully via a text? Are you having a crush on a lady on your contact list? Is it your desire to be in a relationship with her? Do you want to ask her out in a smooth and unique way that will guarantee a nice response from her? Are you nervous to ask her out in person? Well, you just clicked on the right link, read through this article and learn some tips.

Build your friendship with her: Engage her in funny and intellectual conversations. If you’re boring, your chance of getting a positive answer is reduced. Most ladies want a smart and funny boyfriend. You should be fun to chat with, this will make her want to reply your texts when it pops up.

Ladies enjoy compliments and attention. Comment on her display picture when she uploads one. Engage her status updates.

Be confident: A girl likes a guy who is confident with what he wants. Don’t be nervous and eliminate every fear. If you’re scared, you might end up saying what you’re not supposed to.

Read her mood: Now I know you’re wondering how to know what mood she’s in when you can’t see her. Well, this is why I stated earlier that you should build your friendship with her. If you’re close to her, you’ll be able to read the signals she’s giving off in her replies.

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Be interesting: Talking about things that interest her will make her laugh before hitting the nail on the head. Don’t be too flirty and desperate. Tell her how you feel about her without hiding anything. Ladies like it when guys are vulnerable about their feelings. Don’t be in a hurry to get an answer from her, be patient. Give her time if she requests for one.

Now, let’s talk about the things you shouldn’t say while asking her out.


  • 1. Don’t use clichés: You should express your desire to be in a relationship with her uniquely. Don’t use phrases that are commonly used, it could be a little boring.


  • 2. You shouldn’t be too pestering: If her answer is negative the first and second time, don’t ask her again because that means she’s not into you and asking her continuously will be termed as oppression.
  • 3. Don’t insult her if she isn’t interested you: This might make you lose your friendship too.

I hope my advice comes in handy. Now, go and get the girl!

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