Do you want to back up your WhatsApp data?
Then this post is for you…
WhatsApp is an American platform created May 3rd 2009,It allows its users to make use of video and voice calls, text messages, folders,documents and other media.

The purpose of which is to reduce the cost of buying airtime on mobile network, rather all you need is to buy a bit of data bundle on your preferred sim.

The main reason of backing up your WhatsApp data is to save important files and chats on The app which is stored on your phone memory under Databases;A sub-heading of WhatsApp

So how do you go about backup of WhatsApp data?

Kindly note that we will discuss how to go about it for Android only

1. Turn on your data on your preferred network

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2. Open your WhatsApp,click on the three dots at the right corner side of the App

3. Tap “settings”, Underneath it click on “Chats”

4. When you see “Chats”,click on “chat backup ”  below it.Hence, the backup start instantly.

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Most time automatically your messages are backed up and it can only be accessed as described below, Also for regular backup you can decide to store your data on Google drive too.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial?

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