Happiness is not something which one can buy from a shop or lend it for a while infact happiness is not a property or an asset rather it is a way of living life i.e what practices someone is following on a day to day basis, how someone is perceiving others and their surroundings.

How to be happy? Hmmm. Many, many people feel just as you do, especially these days. Life can be very challenging and it’s easy to find ourselves feeling isolated and alone. And unhappy.

I have a number of useful, effective tips for you to become happy but before we dive in;

Understand this: Happiness does not come from outside us, it comes from what we do or own or who we know or who loves us or whom we love.

Anything we do to feel better may make us feel better but it’ll be temporary and not really what we’re looking for. Buying things – temporary. A relationship – temporary. Reaching a goal at work – temporary. Achieving something – temporary. Having more money – temporary. You get the idea.

What you want, what you’re really asking for, is lasting happiness. That comes exclusively from within ourselves.

If a person can inculcate these habits below in one’s life then nothing can stop someone from living and enjoying a happy life. These are;

1. Gratitude: Be thankful to people. Be thankful to your parents, friends, relations, siblings, teachers and even your acquaintances, that way you’ll be more happy.

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2. Forgiveness: Try forgiving people who make small mistakes in the past and making sure you hold no grudge for them. Try forgiving and letting go everything, you’d become happier.

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3. Learning: Try reading new books, try learning interesting things, try learning to improve your self, it brings sense of fulfilment thereby increasing the happiness inside of you.


4. Relationships: Treat your loved one with care, take care of your parents and family and be good to everyone. Maintain a steady and healthy relationship with everyone.


5. People’s opinions just don’t matter: F*ck what anybody else thinks. You’ve got one life. Are you really going to allow someone else, who likely has far more insecurities than you, bring you down from a stupid comment they made on social?


I didn’t think so. So please stop dwelling on what others have to say. Nobody cares. This is your life. Take charge of it.

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6. Have Zero Expectations: Don’t expect too much from people because you might get disappointed and disappointment leads to unhappiness. Rely on God and solely your hard work.

It’s very important to practice all the points above, it makes us happy as a person bring out the best in us.


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