Hair was previously discussed in one of our post ‘How to grow natural hair‘, hence we will move straight to how to braid hair which is our focus for today.

The purpose of braiding is to make your hair look fashionable and stand out.

So here’s how to go about it

1. Brush your hair so that it is knot-free, this make braid a lot faster if it is not rough and smooth.

2. Try to start braiding loose hair at the end of the neck first.

3. Braid by making hair into three division.

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hold the right section with your right hand and the left section the same way, allowing the middle section to hang freely.

Grasp each section (right & left) with your palm holding unto your middle,ring and little fingers.

Allow your thumbs and index fingers to be free.

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4. If your strands started as 1,2,3 continue in the form 2,1,3. 5.

Cross the right section with the free section in the middle so that your strands 2,1,3 becomes 2,3,1.

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5. Continue braiding in this manner until you are done, you can include hair accessories once you are done.


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