The teeth is made up several parts such as enamel, dentine, periodontal ligament etc. which needs to be taken care of.

This can be achieved by brushing your teeth on a regular basis, brushing doesn’t imply ‘scrubbing’ however we can use the term ‘massaging’.

This means you brush your teeth gently, doing it the right way prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

The following are ways to brush your teeth

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1. Get a soft, large toothbrush and a good toothpaste product

2. Apply a pea-nut size toothpaste on your brush

3. Brush in a circular motion and include inner surfaces when massaging

4. Spit out the residue, don’t rise as fluorine in toothpaste prevent tooth decay.

Mistakes you should avoid when brushing
Take note of the following and don’t do them again:

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  • Using small toothbrush
  • Making use of hard toothbrush
  • Scrubbing the teeth hard instead of massaging
  • Been in a haste to brush your teeth
  • Ignoring the gum line

Brushing your teeth just once in a day

There’s no need to use teeth whitener as they only damage the gum and make it prone to infection.

Most teeth are yellowish not as a result of dirt but because that is the natural colour of a tooth.
Take note of the above mentioned tips and brush your teeth till it shine!

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