Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency people keep accumulating due to its value, however you should know how to buy it on cash app.

Just before we discuss what Bitcoin entails, let me remind you that today is the tenth anniversary of launching bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency often refer to as cryptocurrency which enable you to buy product and services online.

You can send bitcoin to your wallet and each transaction is recorded on a list known as Blockchain.

Bitcoin to Nigeria naira today is 5,849,233.80

Why the preference for cryptocurrency?

People embrace Bitcoin due to the fact that it is not controlled by government or banks.

plus the fact that what seems to be acct number (bitcoin address) is anonymous if you share the online currency.

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What’s cash app and how does it work?

Cash app is a mobile payment platform developed by square,it allows users to transfer money easily.

The Next thing is for you to download cash app and sign up

To sign up:

a. Enter your email address and phone number

b. Type the code sent to your phone

c. Enter your debit card info linked with your bank

d. Decide on a unique username known as $cashtag people can use to send money to you.

How to buy bitcoin on cash app

1.Go to home screen and verify your identity.

2. Tap on bitcoin just below deposits & transfer

3. Verify by inputting your full name and Social society number.

After a few minutes to a day, your verification is completed.

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4. Tap on the investing tab and click on bitcoin on buy
note:Cash app purchase limit is $100,000

6. Confirm order

7. You can withdraw the coin to an external address used in purchasing bitcoin by entering the amount deposited and click on withdraw.

Be careful not to enter the wrong address as your bitcoin might be lost forever.

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How To Earn Free Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin Online in Nigeria

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