• Percentage can be defined as the The amount, number or rate of something, regarded as part of a total of 100; a part of a whole.

    A percentage can also be referred to as a number that does not have a unit or dimension which signifies a fraction of 100. The term percentage is derived from the Latin word “per centum”, where centum means ” hundred”. Therefore, the percentage is calculated per hundred

    According to wikipedia, in mathematics a percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100.It is known by the symbol “%” or written as “percent” or “pct”.
    For example, 55% is equivalent to the decimal 0.55 or the fraction 55/100.

    Discounts in shops, bank interest rates, rates of inflation and other statistics are expressed as percentages hence percentage is used in many areas.
    Percentages are very important to understand the financial aspects of our everyday life.

    It allow us to compare things that are not out of the same number; exam marks for example are often expressed as percentages which can be compared even if there are more questions on one exam paper than the other.

    A percentage value is used for a typical smartphone battery and it is easily expressed unlike fraction.percentage is also useful for elections;example is if a candidate got 80% of the total vote.
    Percentage value help us to calculate the exact figure or amount we are looking for, they are also simple ways of expressing size, value and scale.

    Ways to calaculate percentage includes:
    1.To calculate the percentage of a specific number, conversion of the percentage number should be first done to a decimal, afterwards the percentage is divided by 100. I.e in the case of 50%, it would be 50 divided by 100


    2.Using percentage formula, percentage of a number can be calculated i.e P% * X =Y
    The problem(Number) is converted to an equation using a percentage formula.
    For example if P=20%, X =120. Then the equation= 20% * 120= Y
    Finally 20% is converted to a decimal by erasing the percent symbol from it and then divided by 100.
    I.e 20/100 =0.10


    3.To calculate the percentage of a number, the number can be multiplied by the decimal point of the percent.
    To figure out the decimal point of the product of the percent, move the decimal two places to the left.
    For example, the decimal form of 30 percent is 0.34.

  • For fractions, To calculate the percentage is to divide the top number by the bottom number and multiply them by 100
  • 5.To calculate the percentage as a whole;
    a.Examine what a percentage represents
    b.Determine the value of the whole
    c.Look for the value you want to convert into percentages
    d.Put the two values into fractions
    e.The fraction should be converted to a decimal
    f.The decimal can then be converted into percent i.e the result is multiplied by 100%.


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