Children they say is the “fruit and blessing of Marriage. There’s nothing quite as special as the birth of a baby.

Whether it’s your first, second or your fifth, naturally, you’ll want to celebrate when your little one finally makes an appearance. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled some great ideas to commemorate the birth of your Child.

  • Show love to the Mother and Her baby

Although new life is honored in different ways around the world, the health and safety of the mother and the overall well-being of the child are a universal concern for all.

The first way to celebrate the arrival of a baby is to rejoice with the family on her safe delivery, show them love.

  • Pay a Visit

People go out of their way to shower new parents and the baby food items and gifts to show delight at the arrival of a healthy new bundle of joy. If you travel around the globe, you’ll discover that different cultures have unique ways of welcoming a new life into the world. In most of them, you can’t exempt visitation. You should visit them and give them gifts.

  • Hold A Naming/Religious Ceremony

Depending on your preferences and religion.

Naming ceremony is a great way to celebrate your baby’s arrival. In Islam, they call it “Aqīqah” (Arabic: عقيقة‎), or aqeeqah which is the Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth. This is the day you call people to felicitate with you, eat and dine with you.

You prepare different kinds of foods and drinks in surplus and finally, you give your baby a name in front of all attendees. This is Usually done by a religious leader. Its important you give your baby a beautiful name as this is the name they will call you with especially if its your first Child in some traditions e.g Mum Jason.

Many families choose to formally welcome their new baby to the family by hosting a celebration like this. The best part is that there are no rules as to when this needs to be done, so you can settle into life with your newborn before having to worry about planning anything.

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  • Donate to charity

Donating to a children’s charity can be a great way to celebrate the special occasion as many of the family and friends, as well as the new parents, will be appreciating the beauty of new life and how lucky they are to be blessed with a new child. Donating to a charity that helps the less privilege is a beautiful way to spread that joy to others.

  • Make A Hamper

The weeks (months!) following the arrival of a little one can be extremely stressful, worrisome and, at times, a little overwhelming for any parents. So, one of the best ways to celebrate a new arrival is to provide a helping hand to the parents; they’ll appreciate it a lot more than another babygrow!

Making a parenting hamper is just one way to do this. Pack a hamper full of small, everyday items like nappies and tissues, as well as some more luxurious items like wine and chocolate, alongside some handmade keepsakes for the newborn.

This way, you’ll be helping them out when they inevitably run out of the essentials because they’ve not had time to go shopping, as well as treating the baby and the parents.

This may not seem like much of a celebration to some as many people like to focus on the rosy side of having a baby. However, this is a fun way to show that celebrating the arrival of a new baby means celebrating all that comes with it, dirty nappies and all! Cook for them and assist them even financially if needs be. They will never need it.

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Before I conclude; Here are some Medical tips for your baby that you should take note of.


  1. Don’t shake babies, your baby is not tambourine or shekere, you can damage their brains that way.
  2. Don’t kiss them on their faces, if you most kiss them as a sign of love or affection, let it be their feet.
  3. Don’t put mentholatum on them.
  4. They should sleep on their backs, not face down. This is one of the teachings of Islam you should know if you’re a Muslim. You as an adult, you shouldn’t even sleep facing down.
  5. Don’t give less than a year old baby honey

In conclusion, We Would Like To Know How You Will Celebrate The Birth Of Your Baby?How you will commemorate the arrival of your own new little baby? Do feel free to let us know in the comments what you’re planning. We’d love to hear what exciting things you’ve got up your sleeves!

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