How to control anger

The type of things ANGER have caused people do these days (especially youths and married couples) is highly unbearable. The rate at which we get ‘exasperated’ these days and destroy things, is really pathetic and regretable.
ANGER to my own understanding is when one loses control of oneself, when one closes their mind at whatsoever their action might cause to the person involved. (Even when it involves human life)!
Having said all of these however, one question come to mind.

  • Self Control
  • Patience
  • Paying Attention to details

best describe how you can manage ANGER and escape from its VENOM. How? you may ask, I will explain…..
First of all, let me deal with married couples.
Excuse me Mr Husband, When you come back from work at night, and instead of welcoming you back home, your wife starts nagging at you. Saying all sorts of Gibberish in annoyance, you don’t have to start shouting together with her or start beating her (like some men do)
It might be that she has missed you. yes! some women are like that!
It might be that you neglected or forgotten something very dear to her (especially her birthday). so that’s the time she decides to pick offense, some women are like that.
It might be that she is few weeks pregnant, Some women tend to act in that manner when they just take in.
So Mr Husband, when you face such challenge, try and know what might have caused it.

  • Don’t talk back at her.
  • Don’t hurl abusive words at her.
  • Don’t beat her.

Just ignore her and look for the reason behind such act because something must have caused it. SILENCE, is actually the best tool. She will still come back to apologize, that is certain.

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And to you WIFEY, whenever your husband comes back home angry, and he talks to you in an angry tone, you don’t have to shout or talk back at him, (that will exasperate him), all you need to do is to just calm down, no matter (what he says to you), and if he asks you any question with that angry voice, try to answer him politely… Because, keeping quiet when he asks you a question will aggravate him the more. there must be a reason why he is behaving in that manner, try to find out what it might be. (That’s what makes you a wise woman). One thing is certain, and that is the fact that, He will come back to apologize.

NOW to my young people(the youths). ANGER has put most of you in a situation you never expected to be in.
I made findings and found out that, the only thing that causes ANGER for youths nowadays is ‘FOOLISHNESS’, I will explain how with an illustration….
Imagine a young guy or lady is about to write first semester exam in their local university. Then one lecturer walks in and talks to a student in a harsh tone, and this so called student will just stand up from his sit, tear his script, and goes out in annoyance. Is that not stupidity and FOOLISHNESS of the highest order?? That will mean that our student will either repeat that course or they’ll be rusticated if care is not taken.
We all need to activate our SELF CONTROL as tool to end the negative acts that sprungs out when we get angry.
This will prevent and reduce the damages caused by the venom ‘ANGER’
As sweetness never goes out of Honey, Stars never leave the sky, Likewise, HAPPINESS and GOODNESS will never go out of our HOME and LIFE if we can actually control our anger….

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