How to create WhatsApp links

Do you want to know how to create WhatsApp links? Do you need one for your brand?

WhatsApp links are the greatest and the most effective way of letting your customers reach you faster, they don’t need to save your number before they can send you any messages, they only have to click the link and it will enable them to send some configured texts to you.

Before you can create WhatsApp link, you need to know the structures of WhatsApp links.

WhatsApp links structure can be divided into three.

  • The WhatsApp url, it is usually
  • Your phone number, it is usually in international form, e.g +2349081604642
  • Texts to configure in the link.

What to note is that, instead of using space between two words in your text, you will use “%20”, for example… If you want to write “How are you” it will be “How%20are%20you”

Hope you understand it? Okay! Let’s continue!

Khadeejah is the CEO of DeeJah’S Store where she sells quality and affordable Shoes, Slippers and Sandals. She needs a link to advertise her products.

Her phone number is 09081604642, the text she wants to include in her link is “I want to place order, I need a good Shoe

The link will now be,%20I%20need%20a%20good%20Shoe

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Do you get the logic?

The link must start with, followed by “/” then your phone number in international format, followed by “?text=“,then followed by your text, don’t forget that you must separate each word by “%20″.

If you click on the link we created above, it will lead to Khadeejah’s DM, where the text will be shown, just hitting ‘send’ button will send her the text ‘I want to place order, I need a good Shoe”

Mistake most entrepreneurs make while creating links is that they write what they want to tell their customers in the link instead of what they want their customers to tell them.

Your customer wants to send a particular message to you, you assist him/her by speeding up the process through links by saving him/her from having to save your number or having to type the text him/herself.

As I advised in one of my articles on how to promote your brand on WhatsApp and make more sales, you need to be doing referral contests for your followers or customers, by doing this, you can be multiplying the number of customers you have.

In order to create a referral link, you only need to indicate in the link that your customers heard about you from somewhere.

Assuming wants to refer customers to Khadeejah the CEO of DeeJah’s Store. She will have to create a link and give the link to, then we will help her share the link around and for anybody that click on the link, the person will send a message to Khadeejah telling her that he/she heard about her store from

Here is a good example.

She wants to give a link, the text in the link is “Hello, I want to buy a shoe, I heard about you on

How do we create a link with the above text?

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The first thing is what? Yes! You got it! The WhatsApp url, followed by what? Yes! You’re on the way! Followed by her phone number in international format, i.e +2349081604642, nice…

Then followed by what? No, don’t make mistake, phone number is usually followed by “?text=“, so what’s next? Yes! You’re sharp, the next thing is the text, and??? Perfect! Words must be separated by “%20” instead of space.

So, let’s put this together and write our link.,%20I%20want%20to%20buy%20a%20Shoe,

Perfect, that’s all.

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Doing all these will let Khadeejah know that someone has clicked through the link she gave to (she didn’t give us this link though, we are only using it for tutorial.)

This is exactly how to create WhatsApp link, kindly make use of it to promote your business.

Do you learn something here? Kindly share to educate other entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to drop your comment.

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