Off shoulder is a type of clothing that is worn most especially in the case of blouse or dress which does not cover the shoulder.

Types of off shoulder

There are different types of off shoulder which includes:
1.The cold shoulder
2.The crop shoulder
3.The drop shoulder
4.The strappy top
5.The fitted top

The most common and obvious choice to wear alongside off shoulder is strapless bra as it keeps your shoulder free of straps and bra out of sight. Off shoulder top can also be paired with bralette.
The off shoulder shirts becomes popular during the 1940s,1980s, and late 2000s/2010s.

Off shoulder shirts are often the statement piece of an outfit, since they are versatile it can be worn alongside other outfit i.e off shoulder top with high waist jeans can be worn to a date and an off shoulder top alongside long skirt can be worn when going to the office.

Other supplies used in the making off shoulder includes;
1.Fabric of your choice
4.Measuring Tape
6.Safety pins
7.Sewing machine

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How to cut off shoulder

1a.For off shoulder blouse(top),The fabric can be cut as if there will be shoulder, afterwards then cut the section of the shoulder you don’t want off.

1b.Measure the full length of the blouse/Top,take out the shoulder to the neck area.

1c.You can also deduct the shoulder to the neck part first before cutting the remaining length of the blouse.

2a.For off shoulder dresses, take the width of your elastic and double it and then add 1/2(1.3cm) for a seam allowances, fold the fabric and pin in place.

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2b.Unfold the fabrics you just cut.

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Note:For extra flowy blouse,make the ruffled piece even longer, try cutting the rectangles about 12 inches(30cm)wide.

You can easily cut fabrics even if you do not have any experience with measuring of garments,just take your tank top that fit you well and use it as a template for cutting the body of the blouse.
Then cut 2 rectangles that will make a ruffled top piece that sits off your shoulder.
Secure the top with elastic and enjoy your beautiful off shoulder top/blouse/dresses

Have you sow any off shoulder before?
Share how it makes you feel in the comment box

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