Deactivating your Facebook account may be as a result of a reason or two but for whatever reason you might want to do that, you’re some steps away from achieving that.

Facebook is a social media app that helps us connect with our family and friends primarily but there are other wide range of other interesting stuffs we can do with it e.g. getting breaking news, following our favorite celebrities and keeping up to date with lives and so many more.

These amazing features makes Facebook a must use app in our daily lives but sometimes we can’t keep up with the pressure that comes with it and we may decide to stay off a while or whether your screen time notification says you’ve spent a horrendous amount of time on your phone today, or you just don’t feel the need to share every inch of your life on a news feed anymore — it might be time to finally pull the plug on your online life and delete your account temporarily (Deactivation).

When your account is deactivated, this is exactly what it means;

1. No one else can see your profile.

2. Some information, like messages you sent to friends, may still be visible.

3. Your friends may still see your name in their friends list. This is only visible to your friends, and only from their friends list.

4. Group admins may still be able to see your posts and comments, along with your name.

Now let’s get started;

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Follow these simple steps below to deactivate your account;

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1. Click the three dash on top the right corner of your Facebook app

2. Open your settings and privacy, then click settings

3. Click on personal information under account settings

4. Click on manage contact under personal information

5. Click on deactivate.

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These simple steps will guide you on how to deactivate your FB account easily.

Note: If you’d like to come back to Facebook after you’ve deactivated your account, you can reactivate your account at any time by logging back into Facebook or by using your Facebook account to log in somewhere else. Remember, you’ll need to have access to the email or mobile number you use to log into complete the reactivation.

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