Many things can make a decision difficult. Having options to choose from are very great situation you could ever find yourself as it can bring feelings of overwhelm, doubt, and confusion.

Sometimes the consequences of the choice are significant which means you have to be very careful in your decision making.

Sometimes you don’t know a lot about the options. Sometimes the situation is so complicated that it is hard to think straight and decide on one option out of many. Or the options are quite similar and so none of them are clearly the best to you.

In one minute you think you have it figured out only to question yourself in the next minutes; back and forth trying to get clarity.

Some people say that you should just listen to your intuition or instinct, this is easier said than done. It sounds so easy, “Just listen to your inner voice. Well, maybe your inner voice is also asking you repeatedly “Are you sure?”

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So, how do you now come out of this situation easily.

  • Write down your options

The first thing you should do is to list out your options. Make a list of what’s important to you and try to make a decision. For example, consider the options of buying either a new car or new house. You will consider the options of buying fuel, maintenance and all that for car which means its a liability compared to House.

With that, you can list as many criteria as you like and consider the most important.

  • Consult People

The people we mean here are closest trustees you know can’t misguide you. Let them make a case for options they feel is strong, you will be convinced with their reasons most time and will finally see the option to choose from.

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  • Take Your Decision

The last decision lies in your hand. You know what’s best for you and the exact thing you need. After consulting, accessing all your options. I’m sure you would have known the best one for you.

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Don’t be afraid, go for the one you feel is the best for you. If you feel stuck with options that don’t seem that different, dig a little deeper. You can even find people who have tried those options before.

Look for reviews online. If you also have a friend or colleague who is an expert in that area, seek for their guidance on it, all these will help in making a good decision.

Do you know of better options other than this. Share it with us in the comment box.

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