Life is precious to all human being although we live in fear now.
There are a lot of things happening in the world we all live in, but we have to survive as human has gone through different survival and adaptive stages.
 In the Olden days, people live freely, sleep anywhere they want, eat anything that is eatable etc. they only live to survive the atmosphere condition like the use of bamboo and later use of mud to make hut.
However, in this era we are, nothing like that can be done again. Mind set and the way of thinking has also changed and that is why one needs to be careful in deciding where to live.

Factors to consider when choosing where to live

   There are certain things or factors that you need to put into consideration when   deciding where to live. They include ;

1. Environment : The environment can be a factor in deciding where to live.

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There is need to know about the environment you want to stay, like the safety, calmness, it’s proximity to working place.
In fact, there are need to check for the peaceful co-existence between the people living there, are they cheerful?
Environment is a very good factor on how to decide where to live.
2. Security : looking at the security of the area where you want to live is very important.
If there is insecurity in the area whereby the people are living in fear. Such place or area is not good for living
3. Social amenities : this can also decide where to live.
Like there should be easy access to social amenities such as clear water, stable power supply, good road etc.
When there is easy access to these things, living in such areas is easier.
4. Climate : the weather condition and  atmosphere there should be conducive.
Climate is a factor that can be used to decide where to live.
When the climate in an area is harsh or poor, to survive there is hard and living there might be prone someone to some health hazard like, skin cancer where there is too much of sun rays.
5. Affordability :In deciding where to live, one has to consider the affordability of the place in such areas.
Some prefer to live in a place where there are lots of dignitaries and celebrities or where there are a lot of beautiful structures/building.
No matter what your pay grade is, living comfortable and within your means is very important.
   Therefore, in deciding where to live, one needs to be very careful of the area and place to live as consider the aforementioned factors. Thanks for reading…


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