How To Delete Google Account

A Google Account is a digital representation of you for the purposes of using Google services (Google Search, GMail, YouTube, Docs, Photos, etc).

You create an account with an e-mail (GMail) address, a password, and optionally a second factor (a mobile phone number or security device). This associates any data that is created while using Google services to you and protects it from anyone else gaining access to the data without your permission.

When you create an account, you can see what data Google has collected within your account by going to

Google offers a bunch of different services like Google Photos, Youtube, Google+, and Gmail.

Gmail is an email service that is offered by Google.

When you sign up for a gmail account, the gmail address that you create ends up being the google account sign in for all the services offered by Google.

So technically, when you create a gmail account, you’re also creating a Google account that you can use with/for all the other services Google offers.

But, any time you create and sign up for any one of Googles services, you are creating a Google account that can be used across the board.

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So while all gmail accounts are Google accounts, if you sign up for another service using another email, like a hotmail address, that hotmail address will be a google account login now as well.

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Now if you’ve decided you don’t need your google account anymore, here is how to go about it;

1. Open your Android or iOS and go to settings,

2. Click on manage your google account.

3. Click on data and personalization, then scroll down, you’ll see a tab that shows “delete a service or your account”, click on it.

4. When it’s opened, click on the action you want to perform, either you want to delete a service or the whole google account.

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Note: you’ll be asked to provide your Gmail password before proceeding

But why do you want to delete it anyway, Google provides lots of great service, in short it makes lot of your internet work a lot easier and you will also be deleting the free 15GB cloud storage. Think about it. There are numerous FREE services provided by google for your convenience.

I hope this article helps you, share your views in the comment section.

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