Most times, People use the word Pride in place of Ego probably because they feel it means the same thing. The worse part is that they never spared a minute of their time to get clarity about it.

Someone who’s achieved an height then behaves differenty is said to be egoistic, and someone who thinks high of himself is said to have pride, how confusing!
As hard as it is to tell whether is correct or not, a minute research can help you understand the literal meaning of each word. Before diving into the main topic it’s important that we note the difference.

Pride literally means a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

While Ego is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. when you check the second paragraph, again, what do you think?

4 Signs you are Egoistic

1. You hate losing : Obviously, no one wants to lose. But as an Egoistic person, You not only hate to lose, you go extra miles to make sure that you win even if you have to cheat. That’s it, the Ego in you won’t let you accept defeat because you think it’s makes you inferior.

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2. You always take a credit for Success : It’s always you, if not you then it’s not fair. You often try to take credit for the successes of others and avoid blame for their own mistakes,

3. You don’t feel greatful : You don’t feel grateful because an Egotistical person often feels that He/She is better than other people, and therefore do not feel it necessary to thank others for their help.

4. You value material things : Your Ego makes you place too much value on material things and therefore make it a priority. You want to be seen on Latest everytime, that your Ego at play.

How to Diminish one’s Ego

• Surrender your need for control : It’s not going to be easy but you should, you will be less Egoistic if you are not the subject matter.

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• practice gratitude :. No matter how small, always appreciate the help you get. If you think there’s no need because it’s a small matter, you will lose the chance to get another help when it really does matter.

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• Be forgiving & always let go l: Forgiveness comes from a free mind, you can’t hold on what a person did to you and claim to forgive. Let it go, forgive and give yourself a break. you deserve better.

• Practice Honesty : Being Honest will curb you of some of the cheats you will do to get whatever you want. It take a mature person to understand this and a less Egoistic person to admit and adopt.


Being Egoistic can be so detrimental because it makes you have enemies and of course miss out on opportunities that might have come from your presumed enemies.

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