Facebook Inc is an American social conglomerate corporation based in Menlo park in california.

It was founded on 2004 in cambridge in united states.
Its founders include Mark zuckerberg being the CEO, Eduardo Saverin and Andrew McCollum.

The facebook company builds technologies that give people the power to connect with friends and family to also find communities and grow.
Every second there are 20,000 people on facebook and there are 745 million daily mobile users and per minutes there are about 486,183 users using facebook.

Facebook was originally opened to Harvard students, by 26th of september 2006 facebook was opened to everyone from age 13 who has a valid email address.
Over 2.5 billion pictures are uploaded on facebook every month and over 35 million of its users update their status per day.
Facebook is the largest social network worldwide.

Certain features that are unique in facebook
This includes;
1.Facebook has a privacy checkup option

2.You can choose who can request you as friend

3.You can now report comments on facebook

4.You can choose who you share your posts with

5.You can limit who can see old posts

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The country with the most facebook users is india having about 290 million facebook users.
The most popular person on facebook is cristiano ronaldo having about 138 million followers.

How to download videos from facebook

Ways to download videos from facebook includes;
1.Using website or online method;
a.Go to your facebook feed, click on video of your choice and copy the video URL

b.Go to FBDown.net, then paste the URL and click on download.

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c.Two options are available for the download;Normal video quality or HD video quality, click or tap the one of your choice.

2.Using facebook Downloader App;
a.Go to Google play store and download MyVideoDownloader app

b.After installing it, look for the video you want to download on your facebook feed and copy its URL

c.Paste the URL on the app and click or tap on Go button.

Video downloader for facebook is the easiest video downloader app designed specifically to help download videos from facebook using different methods.

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Best facebook video downloader app

1.Vidmate App
2.YTD Downloader
3.Turbidy App
4.SnapTube App
5 FudTube App

These Apps support any type of Android phone and some of them are available on Apple Iphones, Download and install them and go for your videos now!!

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