Manual cars are the evidence of man’s early days in the automotive industry. But many today prefer the easier and faster way called the Automatic. Upon hearing the car you’d want to drive is a Manual car, you will cringe

But you never can know, driving a Manual car is quite easy. These are key things you should understand about the Manual car before driving. A Manual car has 3 pedals; Clutch, Brakes and Throttle

Unlike Automatic where you select the great by steeping on the brakes and selecting, the Manual has a rather different style. And car enthusiasts love shifting the gears with drive and passion. We all see how Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious shifts it with ease. Lemme get you started

It’s all about the Clutch

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  • Starting A Manual Car: To start the car, step way down on the clutch and ignite the engine. Keep your feet on the clutch to keep the engine from stalling (going off)
  • Selecting Gears: With you legs on the clutch still. Look at the gears, you’d see numbers from 1 to 5 sometimes or more depending on the car with lines showing how you’d shift into the gear. But that’s not an issue. If you’d like to go forward, simply look at gear 1 then guide your hands following the line and shift into it. To Reverse, look for the R on the gear stick and shift the gear into place
  • Moving: To start moving, Gently release the clutch little by little. Not all at once okay. Gradually let your legs off and you’d notice the car will respond by moving gently
  • Accelerating : At this point, the relationship between the clutch and the throttle is like a sea-saw. To accelerate gently release the clutch while stepping lightly down on the throttle. Keep doing this till your legs are completely off the clutch.

There is still more.

  • Shifting Gears: You’d have to change gears the faster you move. To know when to change your gear, the car gives a sound. A sound of higher Rev which you can also see for yourself on the dashboard. It looks like thisIt is best you change gear before Rpm 5  Remember the way you selected the first gear? Do the same- Step way own on the clutch, shift the gear into 2 same goes for other gears too.
  • Slowing/Stopping the car: If you have any cause to stop of slow down. Step on the the brakes and the clutch.

A simple technique: Use your Right leg for the brakes and throttle and always the left leg for the clutch.

As a further guide, Check this out

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