Wondering if fighting against poverty is worthy to try?

Before we go into why you should not overlook the slums around you. What’s poverty?

Poverty is a situation or condition whereby an individual lacks essential needs required for a minimum living.

In Nigeria poverty is  living below 1.90 dollars per day, This means such individual can’t afford nice clothes, healthy foods and a proper house.

Most Vulnerable ones are children as they are faced  with health problems including physical and mental disability, lack of education and homelessness.

40% of people in Nigeria lives in poverty and this can be due to socioeconomic status,gender,ethnicity,climatic changes amongst other factors.

As almost six people in Nigeria become poor every minute, there is need to fight against poverty.

Some of what can be done include the following:

1. Educate Girl child:

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About 5 million girls are out of school globally.In Nigeria ,most girls of the north are not given the opportunity to go to school.

Girl's education in fighting against poverty
Back to school. African descent girl on school campus. She wears a mask for COVID-19, Coronavirus protection.

Hence,Government needs to set aside funds to educate female child as women are the future of the nation.

2. Investment in health care:

As a quote I once read “poverty is expensive”, wondering how?

Now let’s examine a scenario whereby a family can’t afford balance diet,they would be forced to eat anything available.

As a result, they will be prone to diseases due to lack of  certain nutrients for healthy growth and development.eventually they will have to pay bills at the hospital, unfortunately if not treated on time bills keep accumulating.

Do you now see why we need to invest in health to fight against poverty?

3. Embrace Technology:

There’s need to start investing in innovation like other countries such as Uk,China and other industrial countries.there is need for technology to be brought closer to our homes and environment.

Embrace technology to fight against poverty

4. Increased wages and salaries:

There should be increase in wages as families need support, they can’t fend for themselves with meagre salaries.

5. There should be end to sexual harassment and human trafficking

6. Do it in your own little way:

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Take care of the homeless, as an individual you can do something too.

Visit a family and be a role model for the young ones.

7. Self-efficacy:

This involves enabling youth to try things out by themselves while getting them a mentor to be inspired to do more.

We need to understand our own power and capacity in other to eliminate poverty.

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8. Awareness creation

NGOs need emphasize and find ways to curb poverty.

All thanks to NGOs such as SIRP ,CCADEV and others for creating awareness as to why it is necessary to eradicate poverty.

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