How To Fill Form “F”

The Form “F” or Form-F is a special kind of multi-purpose document which is used across many professions. It may be used as evidence in some field, record-keeping in another, or to make a request.

The most popular usage of this form is majorly by the customs officers when goods are to be transported from one state to another.

Moving goods from one state to another can be a classic record-keeping basis for transportation.

These are:

  • Sales Transfer Basis
  • Stock Transfer Basis


1. Sales Transfer Basis

As the name implies, the sales transfer basis is when goods are to be taken to another state after a buyer has purchased them from a seller out of his state/ out of the state his company is based. In this case, the buyer will have to cover some certain taxes such as VAT and some other clearance fees before he is permitted to move the goods into the state.

2. Stock Transfer Basis

On the other hand, when the goods are taken from a company branch in a state to a branch in another state in which no sales is made; then it is known as “Stock Transfer”. To prove that such goods have not been bought, the transporter will have to provide a Form “F”.

The above is just a description of one of the areas the Form F is significantly used. It could be also used in medicine to create patient’s records, to request for gratuity in a workplace (bonus workers are entitled to after the actual salary/wage has been paid), or in some other related fields.

Due to this divergent uses in different economic setting, the format of Form “F” might differ. However, some details should be included in the format.

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The major ones are :

  •  A name
  •  The purpose of the form
  • A Serial Number/ Identification Number/ identification Code
  • A date
  • An address
  • A signature
  • Invoice Information and some other minor details depending on the form used.

1. A Name

You should enter in full e.g Amanda Betty Pat in the space provided. Based on the kind of Form “F”, the names to be included maybe for two or more individuals. In the sense that, some forms may require the addition of names: Next of Kin (someone you trust), Driver’s name (if you are transporting goods), and Patient’s name (in case of medical uses).

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2. The purpose of the form

This looks into providing the reason for drafting the Form “F” such as patient’s records or to request for gratuity. This includes; the kind of illness the patient suffers from, the kind of goods being transported, and so on.

3. A Serial Number/Identification Code/Number

A means of Identification in form of code will be required. Depending on the purpose of the Form “F”, the term used may vary. It might be called TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number which could be gotten from your previous tax receipt), Employee Code (this could be gotten from your Work Identification Card), or Reg number (this could be gotten from the hospital card).

4. A Date

The day, month, and year should appear on the form for referential purpose. This may be in the simple format of 23/04/2001 (23rd of April 2001).

5. An address

Just like the name, the form can require more than an address. Addresses like your personal home address, work address, company address, and next of kin address might be needed. Just check it and input the one needed.

6. A signature

To prove the validity of the document, a signature will be required which is usually at the bottom part of the form. In some cases, a written acknowledgement might also be needed.

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7. Invoice Information

For Form “F” based on stock transfer, it is required to provide the invoice details of the goods such as invoice number, invoice value, and invoice date.
Other minor details:

  •  Gender/sex (male or female),
  • Marital status (single, married, divorced, window),
  • Place of the consignment (the state the goods were bought)
  • Unit of measurement (kg, g)
  • Method of transportation (vehicle, courier, train, parcel)

And that is all about the Form “F”. Maybe you have been wondering all this while what does this form stand for, I believe now you should know. It is just like the normal form you fill so there is nothing to be confused about.

Next time you want to move out your goods to one of your branches, you should be able to get your complete documents ready.

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