A zipper is a device consisting of two flexible strips of metal or plastic with interlocking projections closed or opened by pulling a slide along them, used to fasten garments, bags, and other items.

Zippers come in different styles, designs and materials. Regardless of the style and material, zippers sometimes break leaving you clueless as to how to fix. fret not, the solution lies in this post.

Types of Zipper

It’s important that you know the types of Zipper before how to fix. There are several types of Zipper, but the major ones are ; metallic zipper, nylon zipper, Plastic-molded zippers. and Invisible Zipper

Metallic Zipper: This is the type of Zipper that’s made of steel, alloy, aluminum, nickel or brass. It’s commonly used for jeans, the metal pieces are shaped into the form of teeth and are positioned in a zipper tape at uniform intervals.

Nylon Zipper: This type is mostly used for backpacks, with one side flat and the other with teeth. Each tooth is connected to the next and bend easily.

Plastic-molded Zippers: The Plastic-molded Zippers made of thermoplastic polymers or polyacetal resin. The teeth are perfectly symmetrical which means that the slider for plastic molded zippers can run in either direction. They are used on most handbags.

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Invincible Zippers: Invisible Zippers are most commonly used when your design is calling for a clean finish. It’s a Nylon zipper that is oriented backwards to give an invisible look and used mostly in a female skirt.

How to Fix a broken Zipper

Are you on your way out and you realize that your zipper is broken? or you have a dress in mind, only to find out that the stuff is broken. Instead of taking to a local alteration shop, you can actually fix by yourself with the tips below;

1. Get a plier and another zipper pull if the previous one is plastic.

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2. Remove the iron stopper

3. Remove the pull

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4. Adjust the zipper pull with  pliers

5. put back the Zipper pull and the teeth


If the teeth are broken the whole zipper needs to be changed. Trying these out, it will save you the stress and of course money.

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