Earbuds are tiny little wireless headphones, that has gained the heart of many. It is preferred to a wired one because of it’s excellent sound quality and maybe the stylish appearance.

These earbuds were made to be compatible with Androids and Apple Phones or categorically, any bluetooth enabled phone.

Aside the fact that Earbuds put an end to the days of the struggle with untangling wired earphones in your pockets, it saved you the expenses of getting another wired earbud everytime due to the wearing out of the wire.

Why should you use Earbuds

There are many reason because of which you should use Earbuds but I will only be discussing the major ones; Comfortability, Durability and Fashionability.

1. Comfortability: The comfortability an earbud provides cannot be compared. They are small and comfy, you might forget that you have them placed in your ears until some music starts playing.

2. Durability : This should always be considered when buying any product talk more of Earbuds. They would be fine for a long time as long as you take care of them when you don’t have them on.

3. Fashionability : Surprisingly, some people do not consider any of the above reasons before they buy earbuds, they buy mainly because it’s fashionable and would look quite nice on every outfits.

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How to care for your Earbuds

•Always Clean your earbuds.
•Keep your earphones in a case.
•Unplug your earphones after use.
•Pull out the plug, not the cable.
•Avoid sleeping with your headphones on

How to Fix Earbuds

Fixing earbuds depends on the problem they are having, I will outline some major problems and possible ways of fixing

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1. Earbuds suddenly stop working : If your Earbuds just stop working it might be because it fell into water and it’s not water resistant. Dismantle the earbuds, absorb the moisture with a clean cloth.

2. Break in music or audio stuttering : This can be as a result of a lot of factors, but Bluetooth connectivity is often the main cause of the issue. Reset the Earbuds or restart your smartphone / Laptop.

3. Low sound from Earbuds: If you are getting lower sound from your Earbuds, you should check the volume of the connected device and ensure your ears are wiped of all waxes.

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4. Charging problem: Ensure the charger is in good condition, the ports are not damaged, the charging cables are not broken.

5. Pairing Issues : Make sure the earbud and the smartphone’s Bluetooth is switched on and active then follow the recommended pairing process.

provided that the problem with your Earbuds doesn’t require Technical support, you will always find this article helpful.

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