The aim of flirting is to establish a connection, and to gauge the interest of the recipient in reciprocating that connection. If the person is not interested, she will probably just tell you so straight up.


some times when it comes to flirting, no news is good news. You’re doing well when you see replies like “you are a bad boy. Lol” “ahh…uhm…” and they can also range to “yeah, I would like to feel you in me”. It depends on how you play your game. But don’t forget, flirting doesn’t necessary have to end in sex. It’s just a way to tell someone you like him/her and would like to…whatever kind of relationship it is you want with the person.


Chatting has advanced over the years, though some people are still stuck in the ‘xup’ ‘fyn n u’ times but if you want to learn how to flirt over a text with someone you like, you should be ready to DO some things…and stop doing some other things.


Six things you should DO/DON’T when practicing flirting on text

1. Don’t use unnecessary ‘abbreviation’ as you all like to call them. Lol. They are not okay and not all girls like them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t short words, but making it too much always makes the chat look immature and boring.


2. Don’t send too many messages at once. Trust me, even if a girl is starting to like you after you have collected her number and talked to him/her once or twice, sending too many messages at once can creep the person out. Don’t send messages that are too long either. Or sending multiple messages before she gets to reply.

When flirting, don’t reply in monosyllabic words, it will bore her and will definitely not put her in a mood and tag you an uninteresting person.

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3. Chat smart: Try to know when she’s free to chat and when she’s not. For example, when she’s at work, you can just send her a text message as simple as “hey, how’s your day going? You thought just crossed my mind for the millionth time this afternoon so I decided to check up on you”. She will definitely appreciate you checking up on her. You don’t need to spam her WhatsApp when she’s at work or busy.

You should also know if she’s a late night person. If she doesn’t text you at night, don’t do so too. There are some people that prefers their sleep. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Lol. But if you try to force a chat then, it will definitely ‘end in tears’ as she might just sleep off in the middle of the chat.

4. Compliment her : When you see her pictures, tell her she look beautiful in the dress, tell her how wonderful her smile is. Don’t just say ” you are beautiful” there are hundred of guys who probably say the same thing to her. Make yours something to remember, something  she can smile to and think about for the rest of the day.

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It doesn’t have to be complex. From experience, being simple always do the trick. It could be as simple as “looking beautiful as always, I think I’m going  to score you 95%, add your sweet smile for your next picture to get the remaining 5%”…then a sweet emoji to follow.

5. Emoji usage: Texting is its own language. And like any language, some things can get very lost in translation. So one thing we do about that, is to use emojis to help convey the emotion behind what we’re saying. The only problem is; some guys may rely on them just a little too much. You can send a single emoji, three to four times.

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You can also use different emojis in a single text. But make sure they are emojis that go with each other, like bread and butter, garri and groundout, eggplant and peach. Lol.
Learn to use the emojis properly and you will see the wonders of it.

6. Make sure you have created enough connection between both of you before you start saying stuff that she will be comfortable with. For example, ”I really loved the dress you were putting on last night. I wonder how you would look out of it”. From this moment on, her response will suggest if she’s interested in flirting or not. If she’s not, you might get something like ‘what do you mean by that’. Lol…Nigerian girls like doing that, even when they obviously know  what it means.


If a girl is responding to your texts in a thoughtful and meaningful way, after you made it known to her that you like her, then she definitely likes you
For you to be able to pass this level successfully, you most have created a spark between the both of you for a few weeks (or sometimes, not up to that)

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