Also known as peanut or monkey nut, groundnut is a legume grown in the tropics and sub-tropics.

Raw groundnut

It’s one of the best source of protein and contain mineral such as vitamin E, copper, magnesium,arginine and folate.

According to a study, peanuts are weight-loss foods, and they reduce the susceptibility to heart diseases.

Other benefits of groundnut include:

  • Groundnut aids mental health
  • It reduces weight
  • Peanut fights against gallstone.

If you want to  fry or roast a groundnut,The following are the ingredients required:

2 cups of raw groundnut

Wooden spoon

Cooking pot/frying pan


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How do you fry groundnut?

Once you have the ingredients ready,here are steps to get your groundnut done.

1. Remove rotten ones, sprinkle salt on the rest and this should be before roasting.

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It allows the salt to be absorbed.

2. Get your frying pot, add fine sand to prevent the groundnut from getting burnt easily.

Allow the pot to get heated for few minutes then add raw groundnut, fry/roast for a while then turn over with a wooden spoon.

3. You should turn the groundnut until it color changes from deep red to light brown,  use a napkin to hold the side of the pot to avoid getting yourself  burnt

4.peel one of the nuts and check if its golden or brown, if not you should keep stirring.

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However don’t allow it to be too brown as the pot will still be hot after removing the heat source.

5. Put off the heat and allow the pot to cool down.

6.Peel your roasted groundnut and serve with  favourite delicacy.

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