Hello, Good day to you.

I’m delighted to share this with you, and I hope that you will be sincere and faithful enough to keep to your end after you’ve gotten the free money.

After reading this post and carefully following the speculated instructions, you would be able to earn three thousands naira freely without you having to work for it.

There is a catch please, at the end of this, you will earn #3k, it is required of you to donate #500 for this website upkeep after you’ve gotten your money, please if you know you won’t keep to this, don’t bother trying it at all, but if you deliberately didn’t make the donation, God will reward you accordingly.

Steps Involved In Making #3k Freely.

This will require you to register with your BVN number, but do you have to fear? No you don’t!

Standard Chattered Bank is a multinational bank, a registered bank with head office in United Kingdom, they need more customers to open account with them and as such, they are rewarding customers for opening an account with them, you only have to open account with them and they will give you #3000 registration  bonus, you can create multiple accounts and accumulate the money.

You could make little research on the bank here, they are trusted and reliable

Since the money is tagged as registration bonus, you don’t have to fear that there would be repercussions. Because it can’t backfire. It is completely legal.

Here are the steps:

1. Download the Standard Chattered Bank App

The app can be found on Google playstore or Apple store, check the below image to identify the app

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2. Create an account

Open the app and create an account with them, fill all necessary details, it is just like opening a first bank account, you don’t have to panic.

While filling the account opening form, you don’t have to choose upgrade account, just use the normal account

3. Deposit into your account (You can deposit any amount starting from #100, or you can deposit #1000 to be on safer side and transfer #900 back to your normal bank account) 

After your account has been activated, you need to transfer #1000 to the account, it is your account and the money is also yours.

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4. Wait for 3 working days, your account will be credited with 3k

Within three days, your account will be credited with #3000 which is the registration bonus, you can then transfer the #3000 plus the first #1000 to your normal bank and withdraw it from there

Check the proof here, those that have gotten their money already.

Standard Chattered Bank

Be advised that this will close on March 31st, please kindly enjoy it while it last.

As a remainder: after you’ve gotten your 3k, kindly donate #500 to this website by transferring it to the below account

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  • 3099664517
  • Azeez W. Abidemi
  • First Bank

If we decided to be greedy, you wouldn’t know this, making donation of #500 to support the site won’t kill you, please don’t be an ingrate, kindly screenshot this page and make the transfer as soon as you get your money.


Login to the app, click on the menu icon on the top left, choose transfer, choose local bank transfer (other bank), type the account number you want to transfer to, choose the bank type, write short note on the transfer, click next and write amount on the next page, then follow other instructions and type your code.

If you’re having any issue, please comment here and we will reply you asap, thank you.

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