How To Get Curly Hair

Gone are the days where just a razor blade with probably a comb is enough to get your haircut either a low-cut or total scraping of the hair which is the trend of those days.

Pretty economical you know.

Nowadays, people have gotten more obsessed with their looks and haircuts are a major factor to improve their physical appearance.

Several haircuts such as skin fade, Afro-cut and dread and so on are now in vogue. However, this does not exempt people from manipulating the shape of their hairs into curls, braids, and even flatten it.

Curling of hair is a very common form of hair manipulation which can occur naturally or artificially; either way, it must be taken care of to maintain the curls.

Getting the hair curl is not difficult and anyone can change their straight hair into curled ones. Here are a few tips to get our hair curled:

  • Wash your hairless
  • Let your hair dry itself
  • Adopt the use of comb rather than the use of brush
  • Use hair-curling cream
  • Watch your haircut
  • Use Artificial enhancers
  • Visit an expert

Wash your hair less: Reduce the number of times you wash your hair daily to avoid scattering and breaking the curls.

You can wash once in the morning, afternoon, and maybe in the evening if you cannot resist washing your hair.

Also, consider the use of shampoo instead of the regular soap when washing your hair as shampoo will help to soften your hair and therefore, makes it easy to curl.

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Let your hair dry itself: After washing, do not scatter your hair and makes it rough when drying with a towel. You can either leave it to dry, use a dryer to blow it, or press the towel softly on it to absorb the moisture.

When you handle the hair roughly with a towel, you might break the curls and make it extremely difficult to re-curl.

Adopt the use of a comb rather than using a brush: Most curled hairs are very soft and brittle which make the use of a hairbrush destroys the curled hair easily.

To avoid this, you should use a well-spaced comb to open more space for the hair to curl better.

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Use hair-curling cream: You can also consider purchasing a hair-curling cream. This will enhance the curling of the hair, soften the hair more, and also maintain the curl.

Watch your haircut: Some haircuts might hinder the curling of your hair and break the curl. You should go for a little trim and just a shape to maintain your hair brittleness and softness of the hair as the case may be.

Artificial enhancers: Apart from hair-curling cream, you can also consider conditioning the hair regularly, use heat curlers such as frizzlers and some other hair dryers, and salt sprays.

These enhancers help improve the curling of the hair and improve the result.

Visit an expert: You can also visit an expert in the field if you cannot carry out this yourself to help you do it.

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It might take up to a week before you might see the result especially when you are not using any artificial enhancers.

People with curled hair look more beautiful or more handsome as the case may be which is the main reason it is a common act among celebrities.

To get the hair curled is very easy as you can see from the above steps. Just follow the guide and get your hair curled within some days.

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