How To Get Help On Windows 10

One of the most interesting features of Windows 10 is the “Get Help and Contact Support”.

The features allow users to find solutions to any problem they may be experiencing in the usage of the computer system.

This feature is very easy to locate for Windows 8 and other earlier versions users since you can see it easily by merely clicking on the “Start button’.

However, the latest Windows 10 seems to be a bit more complicated and many users do not know how to get assistance or troubleshoot their problems.

In this article, we are going to consider different methods you can use to get help on your Windows 10.

Here is the list of the tips:

  • Using the Get Help App
  • Troubleshooters
  • Web search
  • Microsoft Support
  • Using the Tips App
  • Using the Get Help App

Using Get Help App

The Windows 10 has an in-built “Get Help App” to enable users to get access to quick solutions and can also be used to connect with a virtual; human support.

To access this,

  1. Click on the “Start button
  2. and type “Get Help” in the search box.

After that, the Get Help shortcut will appear and then you can hit the “Enter button” or click on the shortcut. (It will direct you to a virtual assistant who you can request the solution to a problem from.)

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You are also allowed to request speak to a human from the virtual assistant.


For users of earlier versions of the Windows, this should not be a big problem since they are quite familiar with the troubleshooters.

The troubleshooter is an automatic problem solver on the Windows.

To use this,

  1. just click on the “Start button
  2. and search the keyword “Troubleshoot” to display the shortcut or open your system “Setting”,
  3. Click “Update and Security”,
  4. and then “Troubleshoot”.

Windows also offer to troubleshoot certain problems automatically when a program crashes or does not respond effectively.

Web Search

The internet is a very good way to get solutions to your problems. You can only access this article because you are connected to the internet; the internet consists of solutions offered by numerous websites.


Microsoft Support

You can also access the online Microsoft support on the windows 10 to get help when you encounter a problem.

Recently, Windows 7 users were restricted from getting this support to ensure that Windows 10 users are given full attention.

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Just visit the Microsoft website and search for your problem or you can ask a question which will be dealt with by the Microsoft Online Forum. To access the online forum, ensure you are signed in.

Using the Tips App

Windows 10 is a very unique version of Windows and also include a “Tips App”. Accessing this is similar to that of the Get Help App;


  1. just click on the “Start Button”,
  2. Search for “Tips
  3. and click on the Tips shortcut displayed.
  4. Once this is launched, Input your problem in the search box and some possible tips to solve it will be recommended to you.

So, you can vividly see that there are several ways to Get Help on your Windows 10 and you should be able to solve any problem on it without any much difficulties.

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If you cannot find a suitable solution on the Get help app, the best method you should consider is the “Web search” or the “Microsoft support’’.

There is a high probability that you will find people who had experienced similar problems and they will be glad to share their opinions with you.

To every problem, there is always a solution unless you are not asking.

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