Have you ever been willing to achieve a goal? Or you feel the need to overcome something?yeah you are getting motivated.
Motivation can be innate, based on influence of society, culture & lifestyle.
It is a pathway to reverse our way of thinking,feeling & behaving

Types of Motivation

There are 3 types of motivation that can get you to do anything
1. External motivation:This involves activities you partake to attain a particular outcome.
2. Internal motivation:This is the internal force to achieve a particular purpose.
3. Motivation influenced by loved ones:You can be motivated to do certain things due to those you care about.

Motivational quotes

Here are 6 popular motivational quotes you need to hear from time to time
Nothing last forever . Not even Your troubles
Arnold H. Glasgow
Being strong means rejoicing in who you are, compete with imperfections
Margaret Woodhouse
The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary
May V Smith
Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent
Eleanor Roosevelt
Hope never abandons, you abandon it
George Weinberg

How to Get motivated

If you want to motivate yourself, take note of the following.
1. Take a break
2. Let Go
3.change your environment
4. Get some motivated people around you
5.hold yourself accountable
6.continue to set new goals
7. Visualize
8. Accomplish small tasks
Lack of motivation is mostly caused by depression, it can be due to distress or bad experience as well.
You need to keep the energy going, Don’t ever  give up on yourself.
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