Smartness they say is the quality of being intelligent, or able to think quickly or intelligently in difficult situations. It’s takes a smart person to figure out a problem and of course the solution to it.

Do you think you aren’t smart enough and would like some tips on how to get smarter? you definitely need to see this post to the end.

Attributes of a Smart Person

There are some attributes associated with being smart, some of which are; Sense of logical reasoning, creativity and pragmatism,  neat and fashionable.

• Sense of Logical Reasoning:  Anyone who posseses this skill have the ability to see every side of a problem and thereby provide a befitting solution. It’s valued in every field of life.

Creativity and pragmatism: A smart person will be able to improvise at any level. Creativity Is one of the skills used to identify a smart person. you  are smart when you are creative.

• Neat and fashionable: Like when  someone say you look smart, means that you look neat and fashionable. A smart person knows what to wear and when to wear, this is one of things that makes him/her outstanding.

Aside that a smart person have a better chance of success in academics, being smart gives you option of successfully thinking your way through any problem.

Being smart have no disadvantages, rather puts you ahead of your peers. You will always be the one who they come to when in confusion, or when they need someone to advise them. how then do you become smart yourself?

How to Get Smarter

These 6 things will make you smarter by the day.

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1. Manage Your Time Wisely : Learn to manage your time well, no matter what. Effective time management goes a long way when you think of being smart.

2. Read a Little Every Day: A day should not pass unless you learn one thing or the other, make this your habit untill it becomes part of you.

3. Review Learned Information : Don’t just learn, check what you’ve learned if you still have them upstairs. If not, do well to re-learn.

4. Play Brain Games: Brain games can help get smart a lot. The fact that you don’t want to lose  will make you think as deep as possible to win. This will help you get smarter.

5.  Exercise regularly : It’s been proven over the time that some exercises do so much for the brain, engage in them everyday.

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6. Eat smart: Consult a Nutritionist if need be to get familiar with the foods that help the brain grow smarter, don’t just eat anyhow.

As simple as they may sound , you still have to strictly adhere to it if you desire positive changes. Being smart can be one of the best things you will always thank God for.

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