Malaria is a disease caused by microbe known as  plasmodium , transmitted through the bites of  Female Anopheles Mosquito.

The most vulnerable to it are however children and pregnant women.



Symptoms of malaria

Symptoms usually  appear after 10-15 days and some of them include fever, headache, chills, profuse sweats, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, coma, bloody stools.

More severe symptoms include severe anaemia, respiratory problem, cerebral malaria  and finally death.


How does malaria spread?

The plasmodium parasite travels to in the body,the first contact is the liver where it matures.

Then it enters the bloodstream and infect the red blood cells ,increase of parasite in the cells burst the infected ones.

Malaria is common in tropical & subtropical climates with 17,000 cases of malaria reported annually according to CDC in the United States.

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Transmission of malaria is by blood,it can contacted through organ transplants, transfusion of blood or Unsterilized syringes and needles.


Treatment of Malaria

The common treatment for malaria is medication;anti-malaria drugs however some of them are resistant to the infection hence don’t be surprise If your fever didn’t go down despite using it.

Some Anti-malaria include ACTs (Artemisinin based Combination Therapies) and chloroquine phosphate.

According to a study, Grapefruit can also treat malaria as it contains quinine-like substances

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Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, citrus such as lemon as they are rich in vitamin B & C required to  fight against infection.



Prevention of malaria

There’s no vaccine for malaria, however one can avoid getting malaria by doing the following:

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  • Use of mosquito net
  • practice of personal hygiene
  • Clearing of gutters and waste in the environment
  • Use of insect repellents.
Mosquito net 


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