Before the HOW, our questions should be about WHY. Vitamin D is a vitamin that aids growth, calcium absorption and mineralization of the Bones. It’s involved in the functions of The immune, Circulatory, Digestive and Nervous Systems.

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Some of the Great Scientists’ Research show affirms that, Vitamin D may help prevent some illnesses like depression, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. However, the connection between thevitamin  and  these conditions is still under study.

For a reason or two, you must have been able to generate the WHY in the previous paragraphs, knowing this will then lead you to HOW which is treated right below.

How To Get Vitamin D

When the skin is exposed to the Sun’s Ray can produce large quantities of this vitamin . However, it can also be gotten from foods because many factors affect the process with the Sun’s Ray.

The U.S. National Academy of Medicine considers 600–800 IU (International Unit) of daily vitamin D to be sufficient for the majority of the population, this according to research is the Average vitamin D one need to get daily.

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Listed below are the foods with which you can get the vitamin .

1. Fatty fish like mackerel, Salmon and sardines
2. Some diary products and Orange juice
3. Cheese
4. Egg yolks
5. Beef liver.
………Among others

You need these Foods especially when you are not getting enough vitamin D.

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