If your phone is not one of the infinix phones with xhide feature, it’s probably going to be hard to hide any Android app. Because of you, we have put together this post to help you hide Android app even with any other model or version of Android phone.

The need for hiding app might be something really serious or probably to try things out on your phone. Anywhichway, your fear of not being able to do it is as good as GONE after reading this post.

Since the Android phone doesn’t have an option to hide apps in it’s specifications, the only way is to make use of softwares specifically built for this task. The I will recommend is Clauncher, Check playstore to download.

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How Clauncher works.

Clauncher is just like every other launchers and should be operated like one, just that it has more features. Among the features is Hiding app, that’s where I will go straight.

Steps to Hide app using Clauncher.

1. Open Clauncher after download and make it the default launcher on your phone

2. Swipe up and down at the same time, two fingers can do a good job. One finger swipe up, the other swipe down. Check picture below.

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3. The next page you get is where you set your password, the password should be known to only you. Check picture below

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4. Choose Apps of your choice to hide, and click on the Hide option. That’s it.

You swipe with two fingers in a diverging manner like you did before to access your hide apps, do not talk to anyone about it.

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