Reasons you might want to hide your app can be to protect information such as financial details, business secrets, or intellectual property from being compromised or to avoid someone use your phone. Be that as it may, this post will highlight how you can successfully hide app on your iPhone.

Hiding app is a lot easier on Android devices as some of them have the feature already in their software, while some other Android devices require the download of compatible software to carry out the operation. The case is different when it comes to iPhone that’s why you need to continue reading this post to find out how it’s done.

Sometimes, the method with which you can hide your app is selective of your iOS version, it’s mostly required to be on iOS 14 especially when you are using the new iOS app library to hide your app. Every steps to safely hide your app without the requirement of being on a particular iOS version will be discussed below.

Ways of hiding your app

1. Creating a folder : you can hide by creating a folder for them on your iPhone’s home screen and pushing your personal apps to this folder’s very last page. Below is the step-by-step breakdown:

  • Tap and hold on one of the apps you want to hide
  • Drag the app you’d like to hide onto another app,
  • drop the app when it’s on top of the other app. New folder , which will automatically be named by your iPhone will be created.
  • hold and drag the desired app over to the folder’s right side until it slides to the next page
  • Rename the folder to something less noticeable

This way is one of the easiest way to hide your app successfully on your iPhone and  If you decide not to hide your apps anymore, you can drag them out of the folder and place them back on the home screen.

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2. Using app library

Your iPhone will include the App Library if you are running iOS 14.

  • Press and hold the app icon for the app you want to hide.
  • A menu will pop up. Tap on Remove App.

  • A second menu will appear. Tap on Move to App Library.

This will hide the app in the iPhone App Library. Since it’s easy to find hidden apps in the App Library, you can always change your mind and add it back to your home screen later.

Use the comment section if you have a question.

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