How To Hide Apps On Amazon Fire

Amazon is currently one of the most popular (if not the most popular) multi-technology and e-commerce site in the world.

It is owned by one of the richest men in the world Jeff Bezoz. The company has also continued to satisfy its customers with amazing deals and innovative technological gadgets as well as some other services.

Some of these innovative gadgets and major products of Amazon include the Amazon Fire packages which consist of these devices:

Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire OS Kindle.

These devices are intuitive, ultra-modern, and to the amusement of many; they are very cheap.

The latest version of the Amazon fire Tablet could be gotten for as low as 50 bucks.

However, many users still complain about the numerous apps pre-install on the Amazon Fire Tablet which is not easy to uninstall or delete without rooting the device.

This left many with no choice than to hide these apps. Yet, how to hide them remains oblivious to them. I guess that’s why you’re here.

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In this article, you are going to find out exactly how you can get these apps hidden.

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Hiding apps on the Fire Tablet is not a difficult task; all you have to do is to create a folder and keep these unwanted apps in the folder. 

To do this,

  • press down on one of the apps you want to hide and drag it on another app you would not be needed also.
  • A dialogue box will be displayed as “Folder” which you can easily rename and click on “Create”. Continue dragging all the unwanted apps into this folder to hide them there.
  • After doing this, you might feel frustrated seeing this folder and might need to consider changing its position.
  • Just hold down on the folder and drag it to the end of your application list or any other position you think that the folder will rarely or never be seen again.

Note that this should be done on the home screen where all your installed apps are being displayed and not in the app library to ensure a good result.

You can also consider hiding some of these apps on the Amazon Cloud. If you are already an Amazon account holder and have backed up some installed apps on another device with your amazon Cloud, there is a tendency that those apps might be installed on your new Amazon Fire Tablet.

To hide these kinds of apps, just

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  • go to your Setting,
  • click Application
  • then moves to Appstore and enable the “Hide Cloud Apps”

This will automatically hide all apps that have been installed on your device from the Amazon Cloud.

You can also get the apps back by following the method and disable the “HIde Cloud Apps”.

You can now see that it is quite easy to hide apps on the Amazon Fire Tablet as far as these instructions are followed duly. Start removing those unwanted apps and enjoy the amazing burning fire of the Amazon Fire Tablet.

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